What’s Driving Us Courses: Course Content

We currently offer this as an online or classroom course, both are a 3 hour session including breaks and registration, there is no practical on-road element involved in this course.

The course aims to produce safer and more responsible attitudes towards driving, and seeks to increase the motivation to drive with consideration for other road users.

This is a special course offered to drivers, who the police believe have driven in a manner that is not consistent with what is expected of a reasonable driver.

What does a course involve?

The course is designed to increases participants awareness and understanding of:

  • The causes and negative consequences of risky and inconsiderate driving
  • The importance of concentration, observation, anticipation and allowing adequate space and time
  • The reasons why their own driving may be unsafe or inconsiderate.

Who takes the course?

It is presented by professional, specially trained tutors who have a road safety background. The course will be delivered in a friendly non-confrontational manner. 

Why should I attend?

What’s Driving Us? gives you the opportunity to review your approach to driving and perhaps do this for the first time since your driving test. Through presentations and discussions you will gain insight into the decisions that people make on the road and what motivates you as a driver. You will not be judged on the way you drive, rather we encourage you to think about your driving in more detail and to reduce the risk of a further incident.

What is expected from you?

By agreeing to attend the course you must successfully complete the course, which involves:

  • Participating fully
  • Making a positive contribution to the course