Driving 4 Change Courses

The Driving 4 Change scheme was launched in 2012. It has been introduced to give the Police discretion to offer drivers who commit selected road traffic offences the opportunity to attend a course as an alternative to potential prosecution, or Fixed Penalty system of a fine and penalty points.

The course aim is to raise a driver’s awareness of their individual driving performance and driving style, which led to the incident. The training will begin the process of addressing any identified training need.

All schemes offered by the Police as an alternative to the prosecution process find their origins within the North Report (the Road Traffic Law Review 1988) whose author, Dr Peter North, pointed out that “It must be in the public interest to rectify a fault rather than punish the transgressor” and said “Re-training of traffic offenders may lead to an improvement in their driving, particularly if their training is angled towards their failings.”

At present this is offered by a limited number of service providers, any driver who is offered the option of attending this course will only be able to a attend in a participating region.