NEW National Motorway Awareness Course - Available for Bookings...

NEW National Motorway Awareness Course - Available for Bookings...

We are now able to take bookings for the NEW National Motorway Awareness Course; this course will replace the National Motorway Speed Awareness Course from 1st December 2017.

Please Note: We no longer have any course places left for the National Motorway Speed Awareness Course. If you have been offered this course by the Police and wish to attend in Leicestershire please take the following steps:

Contact the issuing Police Force and request that they withdraw the offer of your National Motorway Speed Awareness Course (NMSAC) and add a new offer for the National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC).

You will then be able to book the NMAC online or by contacting the office.

Book Online


What you need to make your booking:

  • Driving Licence
  • Payment Card – Credit or Debit Card
  • Your Diary

Please note:

courses are available throughout the UK, regardless of where your offence took place. To find a location closer to you please visit

If you have any special requirements (e.g. wheelchair user, interpreter), please contact us before booking a course online to ensure we can accommodate your needs.

If you require an interpreter to attend with you on the day, they will also need to bring along some form of photographic identity. If they fail to produce this on the day, we will be unable to allow you and your interpreter to attend the course.

On the day of your Course

Please ensure you arrive on time for your course as late arrivals will not be permitted.

Please ensure you bring your photographic card licence or old style paper licence and photographic identification with you on the day of the course. Please note as of June 2015 the paper counterpart is no longer a valid document. Therefore, we will not accept this as proof of your driving licence. Failure to produce the above documentation will disqualify you from participating any further and the matter will be referred back to the Police.

Please note if you have been offered a National Driver Alertness Course or a National Driving 4 Change Course, these involve a practical driving session on the road with an Advance Driving Instructor.

For Courses involving a practical session you will ALSO REQUIRE:

  • Spectacles/Contact lenses if needed for driving
  • Your insurance details for your car if you request to use your own vehicle, which has been specially adapted for your needs
  • Lunch – National Driver Alertness Courses have a lunch break scheduled, however, food is not provided

Please ensure you are aware of this important information from the DVLA in relation to your driving licence and possible medical conditions:


Important – One Final Check

You are about to book a course in LEICESTERSHIRE

Please ensure:

  • All the details you are about to supply match ALL the details on your licence
  • That your photocard licence has not expired
  • That you have notified us of any special requirements you may have, failure to contact us about this may mean we are unable to meet your needs
  • If you have been offered a National Driver Alertness Course or a National Driving 4 Change Course – please ensure you select the type of vehicle you will require on the course. The manual or automatic option must be selected from the right hand side of the booking screen before selecting a date.

If you do not meet any of the above requirements please DO NOT book a course until you have spoken to our customer care team on 0116 305 8787.

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